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New Year's Eve Menu

Celebrate the new year with a Champagne toast and a 3 course dinner menu

from Executive Chef Homa.

$65 per person. Tax & gratuity is not included.


Kashke Bademjaan (Roasted Eggplant) (VG)      walnuts | caramelized onions |mint oil| whey| naan   

Mirza Ghasemi     smoked eggplant | caramelized onions | tomatoes | quail eggs | naan


Olive Tapenade  walnuts | herbs | pomegranate

Traditional Hummus (VG)    chickpeas | tahini | garlic | lemon | cumin | olive oil | naan


Blackened Salmon     shiitake mushrooms | parmesan | tomatoes | shallots

onions | penne pasta | crème saffron sauce

Koobideh Kabob (GF, H)  ​ground beef  | saffron | basmati rice | pickled vegetables

Slow Cooked Lamb Shank (GF, H)     saffron| *fava beans dill basmati rice

Vaziri Kebob (GF, H)   chicken barg | koobideh | basmati rice | roasted tomato

Sultani Kabob    (GF, H)  barg | koobideh | basmati rice | roasted tomato


Baklava walnuts | pistachios | honey | saffron

Bergamot Roulette (GF)

Coffee Cake

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